Reily Foods Case Study

92% Reduction in Effort

89% Reduction in Testing Duration

TheTestMart solution has reduced the testing duration and effort while providing Reily Foods with predictable annual costs and no surprises. 

Comparison of Testing Solutions

Reily Foods has generally been doing two yearly updates since moving to Dynamics 365.

Manual Testing
4 people
Travel required
3 Weeks
100+ Hours
4 people
Additional maintenance and Azure hosting costs
2 Weeks
100+ Hours
1 person
No travel or additional hosting costs
2 Days
8 Hours

About Reily Foods

Reily Foods Company has been a significant player in the food and beverage industry since its inception in 1902. Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, the company began with a focus on coffee and tea products and has since expanded its portfolio to include a variety of condiments, dressings, seasonings, and baking products.  Today, Reily Foods Company continues to thrive as a key distributor of food and beverage products, maintaining a strong presence in the market with its diverse range of offerings.

Their Journey With Dynamics

Reily Foods used Dynamics AX for many years before upgrading to Dynamics 365 Finance. After going live, they did manual testing for the first few updates. After a few updates, they tried RSAT but found it required extensive knowledge of the RSAT tool and expertise in building repeatable automated tests.  They found that working with RSAT didn’t save them time and effort after considering the maintenance of the RSAT tests.  Eventually, they evaluated several automated testing solutions and settled on TheTestMart. They have been growing their library of tests over time.

Automation and Frequent Upgrades

Moving to Dynamics 365 Finance increased the need for testing automation, as manual testing became time-consuming and challenging.

Travel Was Required for Manual Testing

Before automation, Reily Foods had to travel to conduct on-site testing, which was time-consuming and logistically challenging.

They Evaluated Microsoft’s Test Tool, RSAT

RSAT didn’t provide any measurable reduction in the duration and costs of testing the D365 Finance updates.

“Automated testing is its one work cycle, and the tests must be maintained to remain effective.  If you don’t have a dedicated testing team, you will want someone to help you maintain and update those tests.  We are essentially outsourcing our testing to TheTestMart with their automated testing tool and Customer Care team.  They maintain the tests for Reily Foods and ensure that everything keeps working for every update of Dynamics 365.”

Kurt Lane

IT Business Analyst, Reily Foods

Benefits of Working with TheTestMart

Ongoing Maintenance Is Included

TheTestMart keeps its test scripts up-to-date for every version of D365 Finance to ensure the tests remain reliable and functional.

Collaborative and Responsive Partnership

TheTestMart team has been helpful and responsive, providing assistance and guidance to address Reily Foods’ testing needs promptly.

Resource Efficiency

TheTestMart offers a solution where Reily Foods can rent a QA department when needed, reducing the burden of maintaining full-time resources for testing purposes.

Reily Foods Products

Customer Success

92% reduction in effort

89% reduction in duration

They are migrating from Dynamics AX to D365 Finance.  Their journey included manual testing and RSAT before they selected TheTestMart.

98% reduction in effort

90% reduction in duration

Their journey from manual testing to RSAT and finally to TheTestMart significantly impacted their business and testing processes.

90% reduction in effort

85% reduction in duration

This retailer has hundreds of test cases and has significantly reduced their testing of Dynamics 365 Finance and Commerce with TheTestMart.