Our Solution = Cloud Software + Our Services

Unlike all of our competitors, we offer more than just an automated testing tool.   Our AI-powered solution and premade library of test scripts for Dynamics 365 and other solutions include services from our Customer Success Team.  Our team helps with onboarding, training, and test script building.  They set up your team for success with our best practices and knowledge of cloud ERP solutions like Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management.  The result is significant and different from our competitors, who provide the tool and little else to ensure your success.  

“TheTestMart has revolutionized Manuka Health’s approach to D365 F&O testing and the daunting burden of Microsoft’s Continuous Lifecycle Update Policy.”

Caroline Allison

Head of ICT, Manuka Health New Zealand Limited

Automatic Updates by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version

We can automatically update your test scripts with each version of Microsoft Dynamics 365.  We automate the upgrade process based on your version and highlight the differences between the versions that are relevant to you.  Most of our competitors require you to manually update your test scripts by version; we take care of that heavy lifting for you.   

TheTestMart Is a Microsoft Suggested Testing Tool for Dynamics 365

As Microsoft releases Dynamics 365 service updates, you must reduce the risk of introducing regressions into production. Regressions can negatively impact internal users but may also impact the service you provide to your customers. While Microsoft does its own regression testing, the data composition, specific customer configurations, and unique extensions mean customers must perform their own regression testing in their own environment. By automating this testing, you can reduce the overall effort from days or weeks to hours.

We Offer More Than Other Testing Platforms


We use an AI-generated engine to produce and recommend the right test scripts for your organization based on the data in your Dynamics 365 solution. 

Smart Test Recording Tool

We have a supercharged Task Recorder that understands the business logic in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and makes it easy to record complex test scripts in minutes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365+

Our core library includes the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 code, but it also includes your ISV products, integrations, and customizations. 

Integrated with Microsoft DevOps and Easy Conversions from RSAT

We are integrated with Microsoft Azure DevOps and can convert your RSAT test scripts if you have invested in building test scripts with that tool.

No Developers Needed

Our solution does not require any developers or visual designers to set up the test scripts.  Your team works with our Customer Success Team to develop the tests based on the wizard scanning your system or our Smart Recorder. 

We Run Your Test Scripts

Your team can schedule the testing process on your system.  We run the test scripts and provide your team with the results, saving hundreds of hours of testing time and weeks of taking people out of their day jobs for testing. 

Find Our Solution on Microsoft’s AppSource

Microsoft has given its seal of approval to our automated testing solution, which is now listed on AppSource. At TheTestMart, we are proud to offer you this cutting-edge solution that has been recognized by one of the leading tech companies in the world. Discover the power and efficiency of our automated testing solution today.  Click on the link below to go to our listing on AppSource.

For teams of any size

Small Teams

Our solution is scalable and works well for small teams or limited resources.  Our pricing is scalable based on the number of systems tested and the number of tests built.  It is very affordable for smaller companies.   It works really well for small companies because we perform the automated testing, saving time and money. 

Mid-Sized Organizations

We have the capability to run tests against standard and more complex processes.  However, our scalable pricing allows for a very affordable solution versus running creating, updating and performing the tests manually. 


Our scalable solution extends beyond the core Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your ISV products, integrations, and customizations.  Most of our competitors only test the Dynamics solution, so we offer much more for your money. 

Process Documentation

The AI-powered, automated testing solution from TheTestMart also helps you build your process documentation library.  The output from running our test scripts are videos, Word documents, and PDF files that show your processes running on the current version of Dynamics 365.  This can be used your process documentation, depending on the regulations that apply to your organization. 

Key Benefits by Role

Finance and Operations teams are currently facing an unprecedented workload, leaving them unable to dedicate two weeks of their valuable time to verify each system release. Moreover, these updates often arise at irregular intervals, exacerbating the team’s existing workload. Given that ERP systems are external to the business, the team may unintentionally overlook valuable newly added features within the system. At TheTestMart, we understand the challenges faced by Finance and Operations teams and strive to provide solutions that cater to their specific needs.

CIOs are tasked with managing and maintaining an ever-expanding set of tools that must seamlessly integrate with one another, forming a complex system. ERP/SaaS systems play a critical role in meeting business needs, and any defect can have a significant impact. At TheTestMart, we provide assurance to CIOs that everything is functioning as expected, alleviating the burden on their teams.

IT Teams are facing increasing demands in dealing with complex software development and integrations. However, managing ERP and SaaS platforms, which are crucial for business operations, often falls outside their day-to-day workflow. When ERP releases require testers, agile teams get divided, resulting in decreased productivity and lower morale. TheTestMart provides a solution by allowing testers to focus on their primary duties without being distracted by external projects, where they have limited visibility of upcoming changes and their usual skills and processes become less valuable. By partnering with TheTestMart, testers can improve efficiency and effectiveness in their real work, enhancing overall testing capabilities within IT teams.