Disruption-free, Automated Testing for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Powered by AI

Challenges Presented by Cloud Solutions

Frequent Updates

ERP solutions are complex systems, often with many integrations, ISV solutions, and customizations. They are critical to business operations. They are vulnerable to security threats and downtime so they need to be updated frequently.

Forced Updates

Cloud ERP products like Microsoft Dynamics 365 require frequent updates and customers are required to keep their systems up to date. Updates are forced when customers get too many versions behind, causing risks of product failures and downtime.

Busy Teams

Because of the critical nature of these systems, it is imperative to verify the update. However, testing them poses challenges as it requires business knowledge, potentially complex automation tools/programming, and disrupts already overworked teams.

Hear our customer’s journey from manual testing to automated testing with TheTestMart for Dynamics 365 Finance. They carefully evaluated RSAT and other competitors, but ultimately chose TheTestMart as the best solution for their needs. By leveraging our services, they were able to outsource a complex process and achieve significant cost savings.

Automated Testing For Dynamics 365 and Beyond

TheTestMart Simplifies the Testing Process at Every Step
Test Creation

Our AI-powered tool and Smart Recorder at TheTestMart enable the effortless creation of test scripts, ensuring a seamless experience. With our assistance, you can even convert your RSAT tests without any hassle. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our services, tailored to enhance your testing process.

Test Maintenance

At TheTestMart, we go beyond just providing the tool. While our competitors may leave you responsible for maintaining your test scripts, we offer a unique solution. Our platform can automatically update your scripts whenever new versions of Dynamics 365 are released. We guarantee your test scripts will continue functioning correctly after a version update.

Test Execution

TheTestMart offers a significant advantage by taking care of test script execution for you. This eliminates up to 90% of the time typically spent on testing and result remediation. Simply inform our Customer Success Team about your desired testing schedule, and we will handle the script running and provide your team with the results.

Reporting and Remediation
After conducting thorough test scripts on your environment, including Dynamics and any ISV products, integrations, and customizations, our team at TheTestMart will promptly provide you with detailed results, pinpointing any test failures. This allows your team to swiftly address and rerun the test scripts. Our approach significantly streamlines the testing process, reducing the duration from two to four weeks to just a few days.

Prebuilt Test Libraries for These Products

Dynamics 365 Finance
Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
Dynamics 365 Commerce
Dynamics 365 Sales

“It used to take seven people over two weeks to validate an upgrade. Now, one person can complete the majority in just a few days.”

Emmett Vallender

COO, Città

Automated Testing Saves Time and Money

TheTestMart Shortens the Testing Duration and Substantially Reduces the Effort

Average Upgrade Test Duration

  • Manual testing – one month 100% 100%
  • Other solutions – two weeks testing 50% 50%
  • TheTestMart – a few days 10% 10%

Average Hours Updating Tests

  • Manual testing – over 200 hours 100% 100%
  • Other solutions – 50+ hours 25% 25%
  • TheTestMart – a few hours 2% 2%