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Welcome to TheTestMart, your ultimate destination for disruption-free, automated testing of Dynamics 365 powered by AI. Our virtual company is comprised of talented experts from around the globe, all united in our mission to revolutionize automated testing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other cloud solutions. With our unwavering commitment to delivering the best testing solutions, we strive to provide a seamless experience that enhances your business operations. Join us as we unlock unparalleled efficiency and accuracy for your Dynamics 365 platform and experience the future of testing.


We Reduce Your Effort for Testing Cloud Updates


We Reduce the Duration of Testing Cloud Updates

“Using TheTestMart’s preconfigured Purchase Order template we were able to automate this process using our data in minutes not hours. Well done team!”

Craig Gerritsen

Systems Manager, Ceres

Leadership Team

James Farrier

James Farrier

Founder and CEO
James, the founder of TheTestMart, is a skilled and dedicated leader who plays a vital role in guiding the company's operations and development.
Scott Boedigheimer

Scott Boedigheimer

Chief Revenue Officer
Scott, an experienced executive and sales leader with over thirty years of expertise, contributes to the dynamic leadership team at TheTestMart.
Nicholas Vaccaro

Nick Vaccaro

VP of Sales
Nick is the driving force behind business development at TheTestMart. His expertise and dedication contribute to our success.
Michael Catterall

Michael Catterall

Customer Success Manager
Michael heads the customer success team at TheTestMart, ensuring our valued clients have an exceptional experience.

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