Video Library

Our team has created some short videos to explain how TheTestMart works.  We are happy to do a demonstration of our solutions specifically for your team, but these videos should provide some insight into what you can expect from our solution.   Take a look, then let us know if you want to schedule a presentation. 

“The TestMart team has been great in getting started creating tests and learning about the tool.  They are quick to answer questions and assist in the creation of new tests.  I really enjoy using TheTestMart tool and working with their team!”

Project Manager, Reilly Foods

Creating Tests

James guides you through the wide array of choices available to create new tests using TheTestMart automated testing solution. You have the option to select tests from our extensive library of pre-built tests, utilize our Smart Recorder tool to capture the procedure, or manually create tests through our user-friendly no-code interface. We have streamlined the process so that you can swiftly begin using our solution, ranging from just a few hours to a few weeks depending on the number of tests you wish to run.

Updating Tests

In this video, James presents one of the key advantages of TheTestMart solution. Our team ensures the maintenance of your tests according to the specific version of Microsoft Dynamics 365. By meticulously addressing any modifications made to the underlying Dynamics code, we seamlessly update your tests on your behalf. This saves you valuable time, especially if you were utilizing RSAT or doing manual testing since you would otherwise have to perform this task for every Dynamics release. With our guarantee, rest assured that your tests will consistently run for each version.

Test Plans

How We Integrate with Azure DevOps (ADO)

In this video, James showcases TheTestMart’s seamless integration with your Azure DevOps environment, highlighting the solution’s simplicity and effectiveness.


Custom Versions and Variable Sets

In this video, James showcases how TheTestMart utilizes custom versions and variable sets, enabling you to build tests once and seamlessly utilize them across various environments without the need for separate tests. If you are familiar with RSAT for automated testing, you are likely aware that the variable sets are typically stored in a separate Excel file. However, with TheTestMart solution, all the variables are conveniently stored in a centralized location, making it effortless to switch variables as needed.


Scheduling Test Execution

At TheTestMart, we make scheduling individual tests or test plans a breeze. Our video demo, featuring James, showcases just how effortless it is to set up tests to run at your team’s convenience. Whether you prefer running tests overnight to have the results ready the next morning or scheduling tests to run periodically with your desired recurrence pattern, we’ve got you covered. Trust us to streamline your testing process.

Want To See More?

Schedule an initial presentation with us at TheTestMart using the button provided below. Our team will gather necessary information about your requirements, provide a comprehensive overview of our solution, and promptly schedule a demo for your team.