Our Solution = A Unique Opportunity for Partners

We offer partners unique opportunities to support their clients and earn margins on our solution. Partners who support their clients with testing can utilize TheTestMart to reduce the level of effort required for their team. By selling the TheTestMart solution to clients, partners can also secure an annual revenue stream for the duration of the client’s contract.  

“TheTestMart has significantly improved our overall customer satisfaction.  We are able to offer our clients an improved testing experience and allows us to focus on more strategic initiatives.”

Current Partner

Customer Success Manager

Automatic Updates by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version

We can automatically update your clients’ test scripts with each version of Microsoft Dynamics 365.  We automate the upgrade process based on your version and highlight the differences between the relevant versions.  Most of our competitors require customers to manually update their test scripts by version; we guarantee your clients’ test scripts will continue to work with each version of Dynamics. 

TheTestMart Is a Microsoft Suggested Testing Tool for Dynamics 365

As Microsoft releases Dynamics 365 service updates, you must reduce the risk of introducing regressions into production. Regressions can negatively impact internal users but may also impact the service you provide to your customers. While Microsoft does its own regression testing, the data composition, specific customer configurations, and unique extensions mean customers must perform their own regression testing in their own environment. By automating this testing, you can reduce the overall effort from days or weeks to hours.

Benefits for System Integration Partners

Reduce Implementation Hours

TheTestMart Automated Regression Testing solution streamlines the testing process for implementation projects, reducing the need for manual testing. After configuring a specific process, record the test script and utilize it for testing and documentation. Trust TheTestMart to enhance your implementation efficiency.

Simplify Updates During Implementations
Long implementation projects often involve multiple upgrades throughout the implementation cycle. At TheTestMart, we offer recorded test scripts that effectively streamline the necessary updates during these projects. This allows you to allocate your time towards more strategic areas, rather than being consumed by manual testing and documentation creation.
Create New Revenue Streams
A partnership with TheTestMart presents an opportunity for your business to flourish and generate additional sources of income. By leveraging our solution, you can utilize your existing client relationships to revolutionize their automated regression testing. Offer your clients upgrades as a service and use the automated test scripts to ensure the safety of these upgrades before deployment. Partnering with TheTestMart empowers you to enhance your business while delivering value to your clients.
Win More Competitive Opportunities
Implementation projects for ERP and CRM can be complex and costly endeavors. By collaborating with TheTestMart, you can significantly reduce your overall effort and offer a more enticing implementation price and approach for your client projects. In an environment where clients evaluate multiple solutions and partner offerings, finding ways to cut costs and create a competitive edge is challenging. However, by teaming up with TheTestMart, you will distinguish yourself from the competition and provide unparalleled value to your clients.

Benefits for ISV Partners

ISV Partners get the same benefits as System Integration partners, but they also gain some additional benefits.  ISV Partners face unique challenges when it comes to building solutions for every version of Dynamics 365. Skipping a version is not an option, as clients update and deploy at different times and on various versions. Keeping up with new releases from Microsoft requires thorough testing and readiness. Partnering with TheTestMart allows you to efficiently create test scripts that verify your solutions on every version of Dynamics 365, ensuring they are fully prepared for your clients.

Be Ready for New Releases

At TheTestMart, we understand the importance of staying ahead when it comes to your Dynamics 365 solution. Don’t wait for clients to request updates for each version – be proactive and prepared. Your fully tested solutions will always be ready for your clients whenever they want to update.

Create Your Own Test Library

Leverage the powerful capabilities of TheTestMart solution for every iteration of your own solution, allowing for continuous evolution and the addition of new features to impress your clients. With seamless compatibility across all versions of Dynamics 365, rest assured that each version of your solution will function flawlessly. 

Embed Your Test Library
Package TheTestMart test results alongside each version of your solution, granting your clients seamless access to invaluable data. Additionally, equip your clientele with an extensive array of supplementary resources, encompassing enlightening video tutorials, comprehensive Word documents, and easily navigable PDF guides, facilitating their journey every step of the way.