JMP Case Study

98% Reduction in Effort

90% Reduction in Testing Duration

TheTestMart solution has reduced the testing duration and effort while providing JMP with a vastly improved testing experience. 

Comparison of Testing Solutions

JMP initially did manual testing, then tried RSAT before selecting TheTestMart

Manual Testing
5 people
3 Weeks
200+ Hours
5 people
2 Weeks
200+ Hours
2 days
4 hours

About JMP

JMP Equipment Company is a provider of engineered products and solutions for energy-efficient systems that enhance the productivity of both people and buildings. Founded in 1958 by James M. Pleasants, the company has a rich history of making more than 50 Manufacturer’s products readily accessible to regional customers. Their offerings include commercial HVAC and plumbing equipment, and they serve the Southeast US, from North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee.

Their Journey With Dynamics

JMP ran its business on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for several years before migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.  They were under the impression that once they got on D365 Finance, it would be the last implementation they would ever have to do. However, they didn’t comprehend the frequency of updates required by the solution. After going live with Dynamics 365 Finance, they manually tested the first few updates.

Manual Testing Limited Test Coverage

Manual testing was time-consuming and required coordination among team members, and it always left JMP concerned that they hadn’t covered every test needed to ensure continued usability after the upgrade.

They Evaluated Microsoft’s Test Tool, RSAT

JMP utilized Microsoft’s RSAT solution for about a year, but the level of effort required with RSAT was comparable to manual testing, and considerable additional costs were required.

RSAT Didn’t Save Them Time & Money

After a few years on Dynamics 365 Finance, JMP evaluated multiple options but ultimately selected TheTestMart solution based on the reduced effort required and the predictable costs.

“We evaluated TheTestMart in a detailed comparison and felt it was a better solution. With TheTestMart, we know what we will be paying every year. With RSAT, we never knew how long it would take to complete the tests, and there were variable costs every month to keep it operating effectively.  With TheTestMart performing all the tests for us, we instantly have higher confidence in our testing processes.”

Martin Messick

VP of Information Technology, JMP

Benefits of Working with TheTestMart

Streamlined Testing System and Process

TheTestMart provided a more streamlined testing system, allowing for a library of scripts and reduced manpower required to build the test scripts themselves.

Easy To Adapt to Changing Requirements

JMP loves the ability to customize test scripts and easily accommodate upgrades. This allows them to adapt to changing processes and take advantage of new features without rebuilding the entire library.

Excellent Reporting and Collaboration

TheTestMart gives users confidence by notifying them of failures, promptly fixing issues in the test scripts, or coordinating remediation with JMP’s team.

Reduces the Time and Effort for Updates

TheTestMart helps save time and reduces manual work, allowing the team to focus on working with upgrades and growing the business.

Reily Foods Products

Customer Success

92% reduction in effort

89% reduction in duration

They are migrating from Dynamics AX to D365 Finance.  Their journey included manual testing and RSAT before they selected TheTestMart.

98% reduction in effort

90% reduction in duration

Their journey from manual testing to RSAT and finally to TheTestMart significantly impacted their business and testing processes.

90% reduction in effort

85% reduction in duration

This retailer has hundreds of test cases and has significantly reduced their testing of Dynamics 365 Finance and Commerce with TheTestMart.