Exciting Partnership Announcement: TheTestMart Welcomes Acumant

May 30, 2024Blog

We are thrilled to announce that TheTestMart has formed a strategic partnership with Acumant, a leading global digital solutions and services company. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to offer superior automated testing solutions that cater specifically to Microsoft Dynamics 365 environments.

About Acumant 

Acumant is renowned for its robust expertise in harnessing data from various internal systems, including ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms, to deliver meaningful insights that empower organizations to thrive in today’s competitive market. With a strong presence in over 10 countries and a track record of serving Fortune 500 clients, Acumant brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this partnership. 

Their expertise extends to the seamless implementation and maintenance of Microsoft’s product stack, which includes Dynamics F&O, CRM, Power Platform, and Azure Integration Services. Acumant is committed to delivering their services with a focus on agility, collaboration, and transparency, ensuring that solutions are tailored to drive success for their clients.

“We are excited to join forces with Acumant. This partnership highlights our dedication to providing top-notch automated testing solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365. With Acumant’s expertise, our mutual clients will benefit from enhanced efficiency, compatibility, and a strategic edge, transforming their system integration and maintenance processes.”
TheTestMart CRO, Scott Boedigheimer

Why Acumant? 

Our decision to partner with Acumant was driven by their proven track record and their strategic partnerships with key players like Microsoft and Synerleap. This alignment ensures that we are at the forefront of technological advancements and innovation. 

Benefits for Our Clients 

This partnership will bring numerous benefits to our clients: 

  • Enhanced Testing Solutions: Leveraging TheTestMart’s automated regression testing solutions will reduce the implementation hours needed and simplify the update processes during long implementation projects. Acumant’s expertise will ensure that these solutions are tailored to the unique needs of Dynamics 365 users. 
  • Continuous Compatibility: With Acumant’s experience, our clients can rest assured that their solutions will be compatible with every new release of Dynamics 365. This means no version is ever skipped, and updates are timely and efficient. 
  • Strategic Advantage: The synergy between TheTestMart and Acumant will enable our clients to gain a competitive edge by reducing costs and enhancing the effectiveness of their implementation projects. 
  • Sustainable Practices: Our shared commitment to sustainability means that clients who are mindful of their corporate social responsibility will find a partner aligned with their values, ensuring that their corporate practices contribute positively to their brand image. 

Looking Ahead 

We are enthusiastic about the future and the myriad opportunities this partnership will bring to our clients and the broader market. By combining TheTestMart’s automated testing prowess with Acumant’s comprehensive digital solutions, we are set to revolutionize the way businesses approach system integration and maintenance. 

For more information about how this partnership can benefit your organization, or to schedule a meeting with our partner team, please visit TheTestMart’s Partners Page.


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