for IT/Testers

Help your test team become ERP experts

IT Teams are busier than ever dealing with complex software development and integrations. ERP and SaaS platforms that are vital to the business are not usually part of the IT teams day to day workflow. ERP releases only require testers meaning agile teams need to be split reducing productivity and morale. TheTestMart enables testers to focus on their real work, so they aren’t distracted by external projects where they have little visibility of the upcoming changes and their usual skills and processes are less valuable.


IT and Test teams are extermely experienced in testing, however they are usually unfamiliar with the ERP/Saas platforms critical to business operations, this meaans that they often need help from the business to ensure they test the system correctly.


In traditional software development IT/Test teams have full visibility of the software development process and upcoming updates. However with external ERP/Saas systems teams have little visibility of what is expected in the next upgrade, this makes testing more difficult to plan and execute.

Focus on external software

The IT team is usually focused on building and maintaining company specific software, rather than external systems. IT teams usually follow processes specific to their internal software development, when dealing with third party systems their usual tools, skills and processes may not work.