for Finance/Operations

Don't let updates slow you down

Finance and Operations teams find themselves busier than ever before. They are unable to give up two weeks of their time for each release to verify the system is working as expected. Additionally, these updates come at irregular times when the team may already be at capacity. Finally given the ERP systems are external to the business they may miss new features added to the system which may be valuable to the team.


The Finance/Operations team has little visibility of expected changes within external ERP/SaaS systems, this makes testing more difficult to plan and execute. It should not be expected that Finance/Operation teams would review a 500-page document on updates in order to complete testing.

Testing Experience

As Finance and Operations are focused on their roles, unfortunately they may miss issues found by wider software testing. TheTestMart bakes in testing experience into our tools allowing companies to test better without hiring testing experts.

Make the most of SaaS Updates

One of the benefits of SaaS is gaining access to new features on a regular basis. When new features are released these can’t always be enabled straight away making it difficult for customers to receive these gains