for CIO’s/COO’s

Help your team focus on their day to day jobs

CIO’s find themselves dealing with an ever expanding set of tools they must manage and maintain. All of these tools need to continue to integrate with each other forming a complex system. ERP/Saas systems are often critical to business needs, any defect is likely to have a significant impact on the business. TheTestMart helps provide assurity to the CIO that everything is functioning as expected without having to burden the team.

A Zero Management/Maintenance solution

CIO/COO’s already have enough on their hands, they need tools which are easy to use and require minimal maintenance/management. TheTestMart enables these companies to verify their systems are working as expected with minimal overhead to the team.

Lack of resources

CIO/COO’s have limited resources to verify that existing products are working as expected. Other options for testing these systems have high labor costs and frequently cause attrition or decreased morale within the team. TheTestMart provides an automated testing solution for these external systems to allow your team to focus on their day to day work.

Resource Reallocation

By reducing testing effort in house this allows the team to focus on other business system related issues such as support, business process optimization and special projects to name a few. With a global shortage in experienced ERP talent you can now focus your team to higher priority tasks.