Celebrating Pride

Our LGBTQ+ community is part of the Snowflake solution Data doesn’t just provide us with information with which to make successful decisions. It also allows us to determine which of our hunches are nonsense and which are based on facts we’ve processed in our subconscious. One of those deep-seated feelings is that the more different … Read more

Newest Workload for the Data Cloud: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a data problem at its core. Yet, security teams haven’t achieved tremendous success in utilizing the modern data stack that data analytics teams have enjoyed for years. Security teams face constant pressure from vulnerabilities and breaches in their infrastructure and supply chains because they remain on a proverbial island with antiquated technology. Cybersecurity … Read more

Guide to Dynamics 365 Automated Testing

Guide to Dynamics 365 featured

Keep Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Your Business Running Smoothly with Automation Testing Businesses have to run smoothly at all times – any hiccup or obstacle impacts the bottom line and can instantly send things spiraling out of control. The foundation of modern business is technology. Virtually every company in the world relies on computer systems … Read more